29 May: This evening it poured rain, but before that the light was just absolutely gorgeous. iPhone portrait mode with the Stage Light Mono setting, a piece … β†’

29 May: Re-reading this classic after years. Seems so apt for the times. πŸ“š β†’

20 May: Jonathan Hoefler on saying farewell to The Quick Brown Fox. A most delightful and nerdy typography read. β†’

19 May: I am not a huge fan of brutalist inspired design, most of all in typopgrahy. But these are strange, ragged times and I am increasingly being drawn to … β†’

18 May: I keep revisiting this piece on Farnam Street to remind myself on the work required to have an opinion: ”The difference between the people who do the … β†’

16 May: Shadow and light and grain. πŸ“· β†’

13 May: At this point in time, writing about macOS email clients, especially for Gmail, feels like shouting into The Abyss. Millions of words written and … β†’

12 May: Sobering work day realisation - Cory Doctorow is right: But “contact tracing” apps don’t actually do contact tracing. Real contact … β†’

11 May: Random thoughts and notes: Finally wrapped up watching The Clone Wars. Along with The Mandalorian and Jedi Fallen Order, the best Star Wars of the … β†’

10 May: Cover me over In dusk and dust and dreams. Cover me over And leave me alone. Cover me over, You tireless, great. Hear me and cover me, Bringers of … β†’

06 May: I like it when one is not certain what one sees. When we do not know why the photographer has taken a picture and when we do not know why we are … β†’

06 May: I wake myself imagining the shape of the day and where I will find myself within it. Language is not often in that shape, but sentences survive … β†’

05 May: Sometimes, magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect. β€” Teller β†’

04 May: A Bag of Chips

02 May: The Papers

01 May: Evidence the rain leaves behind. β†’

28 April: Where does the ripple in the sky begin? Behind the mountains holding the waters in. β€” Charles Tomlinson πŸ“· β†’

28 April: Blue Sweaters

28 April: Pickings on the morning run. πŸ“· There’s a small flower patch that I circle a few times, so at the end of the run, I pick a few, come back home and set … β†’

27 April: Struggle of the times: Trying to find a face mask that is protective, fits well and at the same time makes sure my glasses don’t run down my … β†’

26 April: The baby radishes are just about ready for harvest. Planning on making a simple roasted radish salad. The seeds were planted just a bit before the … β†’

25 April: Via Dan Cohen: A reminder that the Digital Public Library of America has thousands of high-quality ebooks in EPUB format to download to e-readers, as … β†’

24 April: This New Home

24 April: 3 links of interest: David Sedaris on confronting his father’s imminent death. Mariano Pascual’s brilliant surreal illustrations about life in … β†’

23 April: Reading Fernando Pessoa’s The Book of Disquiet. β†’

23 April: I’ve been mulling over what public transport in India will have to be post May 3rd when the lockdown lifts. There is no scenario in which a … β†’

22 April: Streets Naomi Shihab Rye A man leaves the world and the streets he lived on grow a little shorter. One more window dark in this city, the figs on his … β†’

21 April: Tuesday afternoon office hours. β†’

20 April: Makeshift trellis in the works. Hopefully, I can do something more robust soon, with more climbers coming off the balcony railing. β†’

20 April: I deal with tons of tabular data at work these days, mostly in CSV, but when the odd Excel turns up, it annoys the hell out of me when columns with … β†’

19 April: Alain de Botton on why we should all value pessimism more: It’s time to recognize how odd and counterproductive is the optimism on which we have … β†’

19 April: Do not forget old friends you knew long before I met you the times I know nothing about being someone who lives by himself and only visits you on a … β†’

18 April: Last of the Semaphores at Jaisalmer

17 April: Ever since Apple yanked support for Internet radio stations from iTunes with macOS Catalina, I’ve been a really happy user of The … β†’

16 April: Today was a crazy work day, but soldiered on and managed to import most posts from the old Hugo blog to here. More work on that front tomorrow. In … β†’

16 April: This morning, photographing yellow veins. πŸ“· β†’

16 April: Wondering if there is a way to import a Hugo blog deployed via Github β†’ Netlify to M.b without manually recreating all the entries. @manton β†’

16 April: Two months ago, when sitting next to wings and seeing the world below was a thing. πŸ“· β†’

15 April: Next steps (mostly as note to myself): Relearn to post here first Import entries from the Hugo blog Fill out a few of the other pages Tweak design, … β†’

15 April: Most social media has made it easy to follow other people, perhaps way easier than it needs to be. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to … β†’

15 April: Finally on! After much waffling between this, Blot and Wordpress. β†’


20 July: The Far, The Past, The Invisible

20 July: Stillness

20 July: Feet Up

20 July: MG Road with Kodak Tri-X Film

18 May: 4.30am at Cantonment

18 May: Kyoto Evenings

18 May: Kyoto Red

18 May: Fuji San

02 March: A Boat Ride

14 February: The Great Indian Hornbill

21 January: Float Above the World


30 December: Water So Clear

16 November: Kyagar Tso

12 November: Vetiver

23 September: The Moorish Mosque of Kapurthala

01 August: The Best Fruit Juice in the World

28 June: On a Cold February Morning

23 June: Homework Time at Dorje’s

21 June: Where is The Milkman?

21 June: Nataraja in Bronze

21 June: Abandoned

19 May: Aduthurai

30 April: Reading John Berger

13 April: On Making Ramen


30 November: Kovaipudur

21 November: Scenes from a Subway

19 October: Travel

01 September: The Balladeer

01 September: Kofta

28 August: Kipling’s Trains

26 August: A Rajasthan Sunset

28 May: Father

12 March: Mahalakshmi Tiffin Room

15 February: Belur


14 September: Light From Far

11 September: Chandrataal

30 June: Waiting

30 June: A Bench

10 April: Nikal re, mian? I am moving cities. In a week’s time, I’ll be saying sayonara to Hyderabad after having lived here for more than 20 years. Sure, I … β†’

30 January: Phulera

29 January: Jodhpur


24 August: Home Is...

06 August: Gently Flows The Sharavati

01 March: Arrival


12 March: Climb Mountains

04 March: Going Home


23 November: Rettai Vaal Kuruvi

07 March: Junagadh Reflections

22 January: Bangalore Cantt.


05 September: The Train Driver

19 August: A Bombay Morning


21 December: Dhoom Macha Le

11 September: Guntakal

17 August: Mughalsarai

05 August: Orissa Walking

08 February: Calcutta On My Mind

11 January: On the Beach at Somnath


25 December: The Kite Flier of Benaras

24 December: A Winter Sunrise

11 September: Work Hats


18 April: Pray