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This is a now page inspired by Derek Sivers.

What I am doing right now

  • πŸ›  Lots of new projects on the horizon on the work front which means I am on my toes all the time. One of the goals last year while thinking about the career switch was to challenge myself to get more technical in what I do. And that is precisely what I am doing now. All those Maths classes in undergrad and Econ classes in postgrad are finally paying off. Work on the IRFCA site continues. Updating ten years worth of content takes time.

  • 🌱 The balcony trellis is coming along well. I am not as fussy about how the thing forms as I was at the beginning. A couple of the creepers have gone off course and that is just fine. I planted some green chillies and coriander three weeks ago and they are sprouting just fine.

  • 🎧 Apple Music’s jazz station is pretty much on all the time these days. It has almost replaced the excellent Jazz Radio for me now.

  • πŸšΆπŸΎβ€β™‚οΈThis ending lockdown and restrictions have played havoc on my exercise routine. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve stepped out for a run. Something hopefully I will rectify soon.

  • πŸ“š Work (and side projects) are just too much right now to pick up a book. Like the running, hopefully I can get back to it soon.

Updated: July 4, 2020